Doorhardware from our own collection

By years of collecting of original models we have succeeded in putting together a very beautiful collection of window and doorhardware. The result of these years is this fancy selection of doorhandles and doorlevers for your frontdoor and innerdoor. For example most divergent traditional brass hardware, Bauhaus, but also certainly the famous tonmodel from the years 30 and a lot of other doorhardware in for example brass antique, nickel or casted iron.

The builders hardware is mostly produced in own management as a result of which we can guarantee the exclusivity of the different models and because of this You will be able to find frequently doorhandles at our site which you will find nowhere else. A another advantage of this is that we all are possible to offer this hardware against very sharp prices among which also the well-known ton model doorlatch and the other products from the 30er years line.


Our selection handles and levers is very large but also for the rest of your house have we the appropriate fittings, because we also have a wide collection interior hardware. You can think for example of coathooks, toiletfittings and several iron casted rosettes and ornaments for your house. And of course the well-known original Dutch bell.

You find these nice bells at us against a very attractive price and it is an exact replica of the bel such as he former was.

Here is a example of our line of hardware: